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  Fund Raising Ideas Sunday, March 18, 2018  

Below are Fundraising Ideas click on title to open link

Fun Pasta Fundraising

Whataburger (must have a Whataburger in driving distance)

BeBack customized Spearmint Gum Packs are a new fundraiser for 2016. Their products raise the fun and raise the funds!
Leagues can generate revenue by selling their own custom branded gum.  Engage players, easily raise money, and most importantly, have fun selling unique, memorable gum packs. BeBack's custom gum packs are an easy to sell, low maintenance fundraising option with a quick turnaround and high profit margin.  
Gum packs can be customized to teams or individual players! They can include personalized tear-away trading cards, schedules, coupons or more.  
Use these memorable gum packs at games and league events to increase your revenue and attendance at future league events. Include unique coupons to encourage fans to spend at the ballpark or at future events - concession stand items, souvenirs, raffles, car washes, social functions, picnics...and much more. 
 There is no limit to what kind of awesome your creative genius will design!  Leagues can create their own artwork or use BeBack's creative team of designers.  
 For further information, 
click here, or contact BeBack via phone at 1-844-410-2611 or via email at  You may also fee feel to contact Babe Ruth Headquarters directly at 1-800-880-3142.

Babe Ruth League sincerely appreciates your cooperation in supporting the services and products endorsed by Headquarters.  As we realize that raising funds to administer a successful program is a demanding task, we are proud to announce our new fundraising partners -  Cherrydale and Otis Spunkmeyer.  Click here for information on their featured fundraising products.  And please make sure you share this information with your respective leagues.  



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